Metal spinning demo

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At HGN Metal Spinning we have both manual and CNC machine capacity.  Manual metal spinning is ideal for short run low volume or urgent jobs.  CNC machine metal spinning is suited to long run high volume work.
Closer tolerances can also be achived with the CNC machine process.

HGN Metal Spinning specialise in metal spinning of all common metals such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.
Basic shapes in metal spinning are cones, flanged covers, hemispheres, venturi and cylindrical shells.

What is metal spinning?
A circular metal blank is clamped against a die by the tailstock of a metal spinning lathe. The die dimensions and shape correspond to the part being formed.
The blank is then worked over the die, with one or more passes of a roller or soft metal tool forced against the face of the circular metal blank.
Tensile strength of the finished product can be improved in the spinning process allowing thinner material to be used as opposed to other methods of metal forming.

Metal spinning demoMetal spinning operation.

Click the image to view demonstration videos of metal spinning.

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